When getting your photos taken, there are a few things that your photographer will do well: posing, lighting, and composition. As a client and the subject, you should be able to show up and let the magic happen, right? There are several things you can do to get ready for your photo session. Yes, a lot has to do with your photographer’s skills and abilities. But a large amount also comes down to your preparation for your session.

Here is a list of things you can do to make your session a success.

Pick Out Your Clothes Early

We highly recommend working with your photographer to get suggestions on what to wear for your portraits. Some shoots have themes or specific lighting schemes in mind, and clothing can make a huge difference in elevating the images’ overall look. As a starting point, here’s my guide for what to wear for your portrait session and which colors to pick for photos. Once you know what you should wear, make sure to assemble your wardrobe a few days before your session. Get items laundered, ironed, and anything else needed so that you’re not rushing at the last minute. Another helpful tip is to figure out how you’ll change your clothes on location. 


Just relax, it’s going to be ok! You hired a pro, you like their work, you read some killer reviews about them. So the tough part is over! Don’t over think it, don’t stress about it, just trust that they have your best interest at heart! After all, their business is dependent on your happiness! Try to get out of your own head, and don’t get too worked up!


Any photographer that's worth it will welcome inspirational shots. If they don’t, they are either so specialized that you should know what you’re getting beforehand, or they are too arrogant to welcome input, and that’s no fun for anyone!

For every sessions I like to have image ideas that capture a feeling or genre, then show them to my clients! I don’t necessarily try and recreate them, but just take those ideas and run with them!


Are you trying to find the right pose ideas for your photoshoot? Watching posing videos will help you to not only pose, but look natural while doing it! YouTube has a ton of helpful posing videos for you to watch and I highly recommend it.


The point of getting portraits done is to capture important moments. So, just have fun! Let your real smile shine, play, laugh, and experiment! See what works for you. So, get out of your head, find that perfect outfit, get all the inspiration you can from Pinterest, learn about posing from a posing master, and remember to have fun! 

If you still need help getting ready for your session, reach out to us! We don't mind helping you to get ready for your session.

"See you behind the lens!"

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