We are honored to introduce Mr. & Mrs. Eby!

Today was such a beautiful day. And their family wasn't half bad themselves! Considering we shot a wedding for the same family before, we almost knew everyone already! The day went perfectly and it was filled with lots of love. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family again!

Read below for more of our wedding day with Mr. & Mrs. Eby!

We were there all day and we felt like we were at home. The whole family made us feel welcomed and we loved every moment of it. I photographed the ladies getting ready while Richard photographed the guys. There were a few hick-ups, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. The ceremony was gorgeous and we didn't want the day to end!

We wish you both the very best & so many wonderful experiences together. Love one another each day the same way you loved one another on this perfect day!