We love to have a passion & we love to love one another!

We are Richard and Lyn Lyons. A little back story on us. We got together when we were just 13 years old. We got married the first time in September of 2002, had a son named Jeremy in 2003, and divorced in 2006. We spent a lot of years apart but always stayed close. We have now been back together for 6 years and are now married again as of April 24, 2021.

Richard & Lyn Lyons - Thanks you for the amazing photograph, Scott's Design & Photography!

Who are we you ask?

We are natural light and on-site portrait photographers. Yes I, Lyn< went to school and graduated for photography at the Art Institute of Pittsburg Online. I, Lyn, have an associate's degree in photography. But do not get me wrong, Richard was there the whole way! We kind of got a two for one! kind of cool.

We used to be Lyn Ross Photography LLC before we got married again. After we got married we re-branded EVERYTHING from our name to our logo and other important factors.

We love everything to do with photography from setting up, to taking the photographs and even editing them to name a few. We adore all our clients whether you have only used us once or you are a repeat client!

Below you will see a photograph of us married again! We would love to hear any of your questions about us personally or professionally below in the comments! We will answer all of your questions.

Nice to meet you & we look forward to seeing you behind the lens!

Lyn & Richard Lyons - Thank you for the beautiful photograph, Scott's Design & Photography!