Sysco Corporate Headshots in Columbia, SC

I had so much fun doing these corporate headshots! Kema, who booked the session is amazing. every person made it fun and had their own personality.

Look at their headshots below and then read more about our session!

Kema, who made our wedding cake (it was delicious by the way, was the one who put this all together! There are a lot more photographs, but i only showed a few here.

they were throwing a retirement party for one of the people who got their headshots taken and it was so loud and i wanted to join! i know I know... I couldn't join. but that did not stop me from wanting to. i ended up having to go back in because one of the people was finally there and did not want to make a long return trip. it all worked out and I hope one day i get to work with them all again!

p.s: If you want a tasty wedding cake or any other kind of cake, please visit Kema at Purposely Made Sweets & Treats!