KC Uplifted & Blue Line Vicitim Assistance

Category: Non-profit Organization

Client Info: KC Uplifted & Blue Line Victims Assistance

Project Date: 07/23/2023

Project Website: Website Link


Kershaw County Uplifted and Blue Line Victim Assistance is a non-profit organization that helps the Kershaw County, South Carolina community and its victims!

Everything donated is FREE to the public and when available, they assist victims with things like food gift cards, bus tickets, and hotel stays.


KC Uplifted & Blue Line Victim Assistance, located in Lugoff, SC., needed a website that would reach a wide audience with interests and needs in non-profit organizations and helping victims. They wanted their website to be attractive but minimal, and informative about the entities. They want the community to know what they do and how they help, not only the community but its victims as well.

They also needed to attract more relevant search results. Building local SEO elements into the website was essential.

  • Build easy to navigate, mobile-responsive, website
  • Develop and manage local SEO presence
  • Update the website on a monthly basis
  • Develop email marketing templates, set up automation, and publish monthly blogs
  • Create and post content for a website and social media accounts


Pose With The Lyons developed a website that represents the KC Uplifted & Blue Line Victim Assistance brand that also focuses on helping the county and its victims. Pose With The Lyons developed an aesthetically pleasing website, photos of the work that is being done for the community and the victims, lists of help around the area, call to action throughout the website, and easy navigation.

The website is optimized for the terms that clients and prospective community members in the area are searching for.

  • Successfully ranking in Local SEO google maps
  • Develop an aesthetically pleasing branded website
  • Optimize the website contributing to increased organic rankings
  • Social Media Management to include scheduled posts, events, and updating all of their social media accounts

Examples of KC Uplifted & Blue Line Victim Assistance