Pose With The Lyons

Category: Photography

Client Info: Pose With The Lyons LLC

Project Date: 02/17/2018

Project Website: Website Link


Lindsay Lyons has experience in Photography and never feels like shes working a day in her life.

Photography is very important for preserving memories and telling the stories behind them. Photographs let individuals relate to each other and also shed light on their past. Taking up photography is great because it forces you to document your experiences. It allows you (the photographer) to create cherished memories with people's loved ones by telling a story about their life. Photography and memories go hand and hand!


Pose With The Lyons LLC, located in Lugoff, SC., needed a website that would reach a wide audience with interests and needs for many different occasions and events. They wanted their website to be pleasing to the eye, informative, and easy to navigate.

Lindsay & Richard wanted a website on a user-friendly platform that could be managed on their own. They also needed a platform that could easily incorporate an eCommerce solution into, for prints, in the future.

In addition to developing a straightforward user experience and completely responsive functionality, they also wanted to attract more relevant search results. Building local SEO elements into the website was essential.

The Pose With The Lyons LLC website was built on the Pixieset platform (for photographers).

  • Build easy to navigate, mobile-responsive, website
  • Integrate website with constant contact email marketing solutions
  • Develop and manage local SEO presence
  • Update website on a monthly basis
  • Develop email marketing templates, set up automation, and publish monthly blogs


Pose With The Lyons LLC (Lindsay Lyons) built a new website, making it all about visuals and simple e-commerce integration. The first thing a client sees are photographs Pose With The Lyons has taken, followed by the logo and general business information.

Pose With The Lyons was provided with a seamless experience that not only made website visitors more interested in visiting the galleries, but it also provides a platform for Pose With The Lyons to sell prints online and compete with competitors.

  • Design a simple but stunning website to promote photography, prints, and social media management
  • Create the website on a user-friendly platform so the client is comfortable managing it
  • Develop a website that the client can easily incorporate e-commerce functionality
  • Include photo galleries
  • Display company information for the public in a prominent area
  • Successfully rank in Local SEO google maps
  • Develop an aesthetically pleasing branded website for Pose With The Lyons LLC
  • Optimize the website contributing to increased organic rankings
  • Social Media Management to include scheduled posts, events, and updating all of their social media accounts

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