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Stranger Sessions

There’s an art to posing people.

Stranger Sessions

Getting couples who are actually in love to look like they’re in love in front of the camera is easy. Toss strangers, a handful of nerves into the mix, and it can feel like the whole world is falling apart. Most sessions start with a few awkward laughs and cringe-worthy fumble-ey moments. But don't worry, we will make you feel as comfortable as we can!

What is a stranger photography session?

A “Stranger Session” is just a couples shoot. However, the “couple” has never met, spoken to, or seen the other person! They don’t see each other until literally right before we start shooting.

Why did you start doing stranger sessions?

I haven't done one yet! I have always been interested in doing "Stranger Sessions" and have seen a lot of other photographers offering this. I want to get out of my comfort zone and force myself to create something that people will LOVE! I need to be challenged on my posing constantly and this is one way to do it. Plus, I would love to build my portfolio as well. I will get excited to see the "couples" reactions!

How do you find your couple?

I'll post a model call on our business pages and on our website and ask for willing candidates who are comfortable with the idea, comfortable being in front of the camera, and ready to get hot and steamy with someone they’ve never met before! There is an application process (below) to match the couples as much as possible.

What kinds of questions do you ask in your stranger session application?

I try to focus on compatibility questions that will help match people based on more than just their looks. Questions about what their passions are, what their deal-breakers or love languages are, what their favorite personality traits are, their ages, if they have issues with anything, etc.

Do your couples go on to see each other again?

My ultimate goal isn’t to pair up with people that will go out again, but it will happen, I'm sure! And we hope that it does.

Do you consider yourself a matchmaker?

Not at ALL! But in the photographs I want them to look like they are a match made in heaven. If they find love through this project, then I will be excited and happy for them!

What advice do you have for others wanting to do their first stranger session?

My advice is to have fun with it and just do it! You can either see each other again or you never have to see one another ever again. It will be all up to those two people!